A few days ago I was trying to make the Javascript logo in photoshop to put onto a blog post banner but couldn’t quite get the font for the logo right. I was playing guessing games with sans-serif fonts but then finally googled it to learn more.

Long story short the font appears to be made by House Industries, its called “NEUTRA TEXT BOLD FONT”

However, throughout my little journey to figure this out I found out some interesting facts about the logo. It was actually kinda cool to see how it came into the community’s possession.

1. It’s a community logo released at JSConf (with love).

So apparently this logo was released in 2011 at JSConf2011, but was used for almost a year and a half prior by the community. The logo lives in Github user voodootikigod‘s repo and the community has since contributed various versions, media formats, and tweaks to it.

2. You can use it for anything

On the logo’s Github it states, ” We are releasing this under a MIT license so you can print it on anything, use it anywhere, and never have to worry about royalties, licenses, and other such things. So yeah use it for anything! View license here.

3. The font is available here.

In the Logo’s Github pull request history you can see Pull request #5 where there is an HTML/CSS version being created. The discussion on that PR has users trying to identify the font, with that said it’s revealed that the font is “Neutra Text Bold.”

4. My little test… Yes that’s the font for sure 🙂

So I loaded up the font in photoshop alongside the famous Javascript logo and Yep that’s it! Check it out, perfect!

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